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EVERYTHING MUST GO: Art and the Market

Artists: Lida Abdul, Karmelo Bermejo, Walead Beshty, Victor Burgin, Colin Darke, Eric Fischl, Meschac Gaba, Antonia Hirsch, Kathi Hofer, Suzanne Mooney, Ni Haifeng, Raqs Media Collective, Amie Siegel, and Christopher Williams.

curated by Chris Clarke and Declan Jordan

in association with the School of Economics, University College Cork.

All Galleries, 28 November 2015 - 6 March 2016


Everything Must Go explores the relationship between contemporary art, economics and value. Featuring works by Irish and international artists, the exhibition emphasises the ways in which monetary and historical value accrues through qualities that might appear peripheral to the artwork itself: context and display, provenance and ownership, reputation and rarity.

Value is never fixed; it is determined by the calculations of investors, the impulses of shoppers and the fluctuations of the marketplace. From the homes of private collectors to auction houses, luxury department stores to informal black markets, Everything Must Go looks at the spaces where objects are validated, appraised or, in some instances, overlooked.

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The exhibition has been supported by The Arts Council of Ireland, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen, The Austrian Federal Chancellery, and private philanthropy through Cork University Foundation.

Chris Clarke
is Senior Curator at the Lewis Glucksman Gallery, where he has previously curated exhibitions including Stitch in Time: The Fabric of Contemporary Life; Selective Memory: Artists in the Archive; Fieldworks: Animal Habitats in Contemporary Art; Modern Families: Relatives and Relationships in Art; and Passports: Globalisation in Contemporary European Video.

Declan Jordan is Lecturer in Economics in University College Cork. He gained substantial business and management experience before completing his PhD in 2007. His research interests include innovation, creativity, regional development, cultural and sports economics. He is a regular commentator on economic issues on television, radio and in print.

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The above image is a detail from Eric Fischl’s Art Fair: Booth #10 Booty, 2014, courtesy of the artist

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