Opening Hours

Lost Boys: The Territories of Youth

curated by Denis Linehan and Matt Packer

Lower and Sisk Galleries, 29 March - 7 July 2013

Artists: Eleanor Antin, Doug Dubois, Douglas Gordon, David Haines, Seamus Harahan, Richard Hughes, Julien Nguyen, Alex Rose, Steven Shearer, Collier Schorr, Gillian Wearing.


Lost Boys explores the territories of male adolescence from Irish, European, and American artistic perspectives. From the high-street and sports arena - addressed in works by Seamus Harahan, Doug Dubois and Collier Schorr - through to the bedrooms of heavy metal fanatics in the work of Steven Shearer, the exhibition reflects on how masculinity is constructed in both public and private spaces.

Lost Boys also looks at how the experiences of young men have been affected by social conditions of unemployment and emigration. Through artworks that examine group behaviour, fashion, gender and sexuality, this exhibition explores these new models of masculinity and the ways in which they reflect our changing society.

Matt Packer and Denis Linehan will lead a free curatorial tour of the exhibition at 1pm on Friday 26 April.

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