Opening Hours

Searching for the New Jerusalem: The Art of William Burges

curated by Richard Wood

Gallery 2, 22 November 2013 - 23 March 2014


Searching for the New Jerusalem presents the original preparatory drawings designed by the Victorian architect William Burges (1827- 1881) for Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral in Cork. Commissioned to rebuild
the Cathedral in 1863, Burges would go on to design the architecture, stained glass, statuary, mosaics and furniture of the building.

This exhibition demonstrates how William Burges’ drawings vividly portrayed biblical stories, offering a unique insight into his working methods. From his renditions of Genesis to the story of Cain and Abel
to the betrayal and resurrection of Christ, and following the narrative layout that Burges created for Saint Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Searching for the New Jerusalem reveals a unique artistic and architectural vision.

The cartoons of William Burges have been conserved and stored with the support of Special Collections, Boole Library, UCC.

The exhibition has been supported by Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral and private philanthropy through the Cork University Foundation.

Richard Wood will lead a free curatorial tour of the exhibition at 1pm on Friday 10 January 2014.


The image above is a detail from William Burges' cartoon Zechariah Measures Jerusalem, designed for the North Transept of Saint Fin Barre's Cathedral. It shows Zechariah's vision of an angel with a measuring line.