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Internships: Opportunities at the gallery


The GLUCKSMAN invites you to get involved and learn more about how our gallery works. We offer internships that provide hands-on experience in assisting with exhibitions, collections, education and the many exciting events that occur throughout the year.There are two kinds of internships on offer:

UCC Works Internships: The UCC Works Internship Award is an undergraduate internship that gives students valuable work experience and supports them in their professional and personal development. Interested applicants can contact the Glucksman directly at More information can be found at

Glucksman Project Internships: The Glucksman offers regular internships at the gallery that are announced on a rolling basis 2-3 times a year. Each internship is focused on a specific project or curatorial area, including collections management, publications, and exhibition research. Available interships are posted online here. For more information on project internships contact