Opening Hours

Passports: Globalisation in Contemporary European Video

Curated by Chris Clarke

Sisk Galleries, 8 January - 10 March 2013

Artists: Ursula Biemann & Angela Sanders, Michael Fortune, Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel, Kai Kaljo, Antti Laitinen, Maria Lusitano, and Nada Prlja.


Passports is an exhibition that explores ideas of migration, trade and globalisation through video works by contemporary European artists. Through the opening of borders within the European Union to facilitate travel and free trade, existing notions of national identity have been transformed, allowing for a greater understanding of different cultures and, in some cases, a return to virulent nationalism.

Passports features video works by contemporary artists that address shifting ideas of identity through trade and cultural exchange. Including a dedicated education and research space, the exhibition poses the question: what does it mean to be Irish, French, Bosnian, Swiss, or even European in an increasingly globalised world?

A dedicated series of Perspectives will run in conjunction with the exhibition.

Chris Clarke, Curator of Education + Collections, Lewis Glucksman Gallery, will lead a public discussion about Passports at 1pm on Friday 18 January.


The image above is a detail from a still image from Antti Laitinen's Voyage, 2008.